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NEW! Sweet Cherry Lemonade

Krispy Kreme featuring a new summer flavour! Sweet cherry lemonade available at all our stores! Make your summer juicy!



Krispy Kream featuring new Summer Flavours!


True Coffee. ONE LOVE

True coffee... ONE LOVE! Встречайте новую коллекцию кофе в Криспи Крим!


Enjoy our new Coffee Collection! True Coffee  One Love!
It is a combination of our True Coffee 100% Arabica with new gorgeous flavours!
Try now Latte Gold with honey citrus flavor,
Rose Petal Raf Coffee and Vegan Latte Banana Caramel - the best classic with  top quality oat milk!

Enjoy your Coffee!

Doughnuts have become even closer

Do you want to be an office-hero presenting melting-in-the-mouth doughnuts to your colleagues?

Or do you have a special occasion and would like to offer your guests a craveable dessert?

Or are you just in a bad mood and it is vital necessity to have a dozen of fluffy doughnuts?


You do not need to visit our stores because doughnuts have become even closer with Krispy Kreme delivery!

You can call our united delivery service by +7 985 206 0007 or just upload Krispy Kreme Russia mobile app available in AppStore and GooglePlay.

You can find out more details about office heroes and our app by watching this video


Morning Combo in Krispy Kreme

A morning can be good if you start it in Krispy Kreme!

Ideal couple just for 100 rubles is an Original glazed which creates sunny mood even in cloudy weather and a cup of coffee of your choice which is always hot, fragrant and invigorating in our stores!


Morning combo works on workdays from 7:00 AM till 11:00 AM.

The special price applies for original glazed rings and S-size coffee of guests’ choice (Americano, cappuccino or latte).

To feel energy right in front of your monitors — have a look at the video about our coffee


12+12 = 24

Do you know what means to discover that today is 24th number of a month?

It means that today in all Krispy Kreme stores buying 2 and more dozens every box costs only 500 rubles!


More than just a special offer!

The price is valid every 24th number of a month and applies for OG and assorted dozens.

There are occasions when we give doughnuts away for free! Have a look at one of these days:

 — see for yourself

NEW Coffee Collection

Новая коллекция пончиков Сердцеедка, Вы не останетесь равнодушным!


День Святого Валентина — это еще один повод признаться в своих чувствах и поделиться любовью со своими близкими. Именно этому волшебному празднику и посвящена наша новая коллекция пончиков-сердечек! Пончик Черри Пай с сочетанием вишневого джема и нежного ванильного крема, Фисташка и Нежность с кокосом будут Вашими валентинками и помогут раскрыть свое сердце!

Новая коллекция пончиков и напитков от Криспи Крим — сделано с любовью!