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Chocomania 2019

Chocomania 2019 is in the city!

Enjoy new chocolate doughnuts collection in all Krispy Kreme stores!


We invite you to taste:

Chocolate Pear shell - chocolate shell with pear jam decorated with chocolate chips and cinnamon;

Mint Chocolate ring - chocolate ring in mint chocolate glaze decorated with chocolate sprinkles;

Salted Caramel shell - chocolate shell with smooth salted caramel decorated with chocolate glaze and caramel crumbs.

Summer Season in Krispy Kreme

We are ready to start the season of warm weather, sun and walking on the streets!

Enjoy new refreshing tastes in Krispy Kreme - new lemonades collection!


Cranberry lemonade with bright berry sourness,

Green Apple lemonade with tropical kiwifruit aftertaste

And Cream Soda lemonbage for sweet tooth!

Look forward to see all of you in Krispy Kreme stores!

Doughnuts have become even closer

Do you want to be an office-hero presenting melting-in-the-mouth doughnuts to your colleagues?

Or do you have a special occasion and would like to offer your guests a craveable dessert?

Or are you just in a bad mood and it is vital necessity to have a dozen of fluffy doughnuts?


You do not need to visit our stores because doughnuts have become even closer with Krispy Kreme delivery!

You can call our united delivery service by +7 985 206 0007 or just upload Krispy Kreme Russia mobile app available in AppStore and GooglePlay.

You can find out more details about office heroes and our app by watching this video


Morning Combo in Krispy Kreme

A morning can be good if you start it in Krispy Kreme!

Ideal couple just for 100 rubles is an Original glazed which creates sunny mood even in cloudy weather and a cup of coffee of your choice which is always hot, fragrant and invigorating in our stores!


Morning combo works on workdays from 7:00 AM till 11:00 AM.

The special price applies for original glazed rings and S-size coffee of guests’ choice (Americano, cappuccino or latte).

To feel energy right in front of your monitors — have a look at the video about our coffee


12+12 = 24

Do you know what means to discover that today is 24th number of a month?

It means that today in all Krispy Kreme stores buying 2 and more dozens every box costs only 500 rubles!


More than just a special offer!

The price is valid every 24th number of a month and applies for OG and assorted dozens.

There are occasions when we give doughnuts away for free! Have a look at one of these days:

 — see for yourself